My name is Joppe de Graaf. I was born on the 21th of March, 1994.  I’ve spent most of my life living in the Netherlands in a quaint little fishing village called Bunschoten-Spakenburg. Some time ago I moved to Amsterdam to study visual effects at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Being part of a team and working towards one big beautiful goal is the best thing about making visual effects.
A group of people can accomplish so much more than just one single individual.

At the start of the school year in 2014-2015 I started my training at the Netherlands Film Academy. I have been studying visual effects and film ever since.

In my first year ( 2014/2015 ) I gained a lot of knowledge about the basics of filmmaking. Included were lessons about cinematography, editing, sound design, production, screenwriting, production design, visual effects and directing.

The second year ( 2015/2016 ) was much more technical and practical then the first year. We began studying different types of software and gained in-depth knowledge about different aspects in the visual effects branch. Our lessons were not only limited to digital details as we also learned what it took to work on the set of a film.

The third year (2016/2017 ) will be all about specialization and working on different films and projects. I discovered my passion for compositing and matte painting and have been specializing in that area.

My fourth and last year ( 2017/2018 ) will be dedicated to creating a final exam film which I will be working on for the entire school year.

The software I like to work with:

  • The Foundry – Nuke, Mari
  • Adobe – Photoshop, After Effects
  • Autodesk – Maya
  • Pixologic – Zbrush
  • Luxion – Keyshot
  • Isotropix – Clarisse